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    1. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
      Coal Steam Type Rotary Dryer1
      Coal Steam Type Rotary Dryer2
      Coal Steam Type Rotary Dryer3
      Coal Steam Type Rotary Dryer

      CapicitySupport Customization

      Heat SourceSuitable for a variety of heat sources

      ApplicationSuitable for coal slime,etc

      Capicity: 17-400(t/d)Cycle: 30-50(day)

        Conduct oil heat (steam) drying drum dryer belongs to indirect heating mode, the heat conduction oil or steam drying heat, this type of dryer has low energy consumption of drying, the safety drying process,the material is not affected by heat source pollution etc.,which are widely used in the biomass, food, feed, fertilizer, bad slag chemical industry, medicine, coal, mining and other small particles or weakly caking dry powder material.

      National Patent

      Low Operating Costs

      Strong Stability

      Mature Case

      Product Working Principle

        Heat conduction oil steam drum dryer, mainly composed of tube type heat exchanger, heat sources in and out center pipe, rotary drum, feeding and discharger of the machine, induced draft fan, dust collecter and distribution cabinets.Wet material enters into the dryer, uniformly distributed in the roller feed plate and the column tube turning, with a full contact with hot  conduction oil (steam)  tube type heat exchanger, realizing heat transfer, mass transfer (110-250 ℃), constant temperature drying, water vaporization and scattered with the air emissions, gradually reduce the moisture from the material, the material has finished the drying process.

      coal steam type rotary dryer

      Technical Parameters
      Model Capacity (t/d) Evaporation capacity(t/h) Initial moisture(%) Drying moisture(%) Drying temperature(℃) Main power(kw) Area (m²) Note
      DLHT1210 17-40 35-50 35-50 12-15 110-250℃ 20-28 5×15 Increase the external fin tube heat exchanger of the dryer, drying capacity and water evaporation capacity increased 40-80% 
      DLHT1412 28-61 0.5-0.6 25-35 5×18
      DLHT1615 50-100 0.9-1.0 30-50 6×20
      DLHT1918 65-150 1.2-1.5 40-60 7×25
      DLHT2218 88-200 1.6-2.0 50-80 8×25
      DLHT2523 132-300 2.4-3.0 70-100 10×30
      DLHT2925 180-400 3.3-4.0 90-140 10×35
      Product Entry:
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