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    1. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
      HOME > NEWS > Bean dregs dryer expands the use of waste dregs and tofu dregs

      Bean dregs dryer expands the use of waste dregs and tofu dregs

      Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-25  

        Bean dregs dryer is the main machinery for fast dehydration and drying of tofu dregs and soybean dregs, and it can dry more than 20 tons of wet dregs with various treatments per hour. The bean dregs dryer is divided into a drum dryer and a flash dryer, which promotes the expansion of the use of bean dregs, and the economic benefits of bean dregs feed or cat litter are obvious.

      bean dregs dryer

        The bean dregs dryer has a large processing capacity, less manpower requirements, and strong controllability. It can reduce the water content of bean dregs from 60% to about 13% within 15 seconds, promote the extension of the shelf life of soybean dreg feed or soybean dreg cat litter, reduce processing costs and improve quality. The bean dregs dryer can be used in different forms for different purposes. The soybean litter cat litter can use the flash dryer to improve the quality of cat litter, and the soybean litter feed can use a three-layer rotary drum dryer, which is simple to operate, low in cost and small in area.

      spin flash dryer

        Zhengzhou Dingli bean dregs dryer manufacturers can customize various specifications and types of drying equipment, with a processing capacity of more than 20 tons, and the production capacity of large bean dregs dryers is not limited. For details, you can contact Dingli online customer service.

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