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    1. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
      HOME > NEWS > Yeast dryer: a good assistant for efficient cleaning and dehydration of yeast feed

      Yeast dryer: a good assistant for efficient cleaning and dehydration of yeast feed

      Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-24  

        During the fermentation of beer production, a large amount of waste yeast will be generated. In the previous breweries, the waste yeast liquid was discharged into the water. The highly active parthenozyme caused a lot of pollution after  discharge. Dingli yeast dryer can turn waste yeast into feed, thereby increasing the secondary benefit for manufacturers.

      beer yeast dryer

        The full set of Dingli yeast dryer uses a single dryer structure and indirect conduction heating method to dry a variety of slurries. The materials can be completely dried after the dryer rotates for a week, and the sheet material will automatically fall into the discharge port under the action of a scraper complete discharging, simple operation and high drying efficiency.

        Zhengzhou Dingli, as a professional yeast dryer manufacturer, introduces advanced technology at home and abroad, continuously improves and upgrades yeast and regional characteristics, and continuously strives to increase customer economic benefits.

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