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    1. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
      HOME > NEWS > Pay attention to these details when buying forage dryers

      Pay attention to these details when buying forage dryers

      Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-24  

        Zhengzhou Dingli is a manufacturer that has been focusing on the production of pasture dryers for 15 years. We are constantly innovating and strive to create a brand enterprise that is satisfied by customers. Today Zhengzhou Dingli told you to pay attention to these details when buying forage dryer.

      grass dryer

        1. On-site inspection of grass dryer manufacturers

        First of all, we should inspect the manufacturers of forage drying equipment and observe the plant's appearance. Based on this, we can understand the approximate environment and production capacity of the plant. Understand whether the plant has experimental equipment, whether there is experimental data on the material forage, and the experimental results. We should listen carefully to the report of the experimental phenomenon of the factory, understand whether there is the manufacturing capability of the model, whether the processing methods of the drying equipment manufacturer can meet the requirements, and listen to the statement of the processing method of the drying equipment manufacturer.

        2. See if the forage dryer manufacturer has a ready-made production site

        The level of forage drying equipment manufacturers depends to some extent on their work performance. In general, the more work performance, the stronger the equipment manufacturing capacity, because the technology can be continuously improved by manufacturing equipment. If the manufacturer is the first to make this model, then the user must be cautious and carefully demonstrate the maturity of its technology.

        3. Know the reputation of the company from other customers

        Today's social after-sales service is an important indicator for measuring products. Drying equipment should be maintained frequently, and problems that are difficult for users to solve sometimes occur during use. Some consumable parts are not universal. Whether the manufacturer can provide users with technical consultation and parts supply for a long time is a question that users need to consider when choosing a pasture drying equipment manufacturer. Inquiries should be made by other users of forage drying equipment manufacturers to understand the company's reputation and the actual status of its after-sales service to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

        4. Investigate the drying effect of the same or similar materials

        If further investigation, if the drying equipment manufacturer can provide the drying experience of the same material, this will increase the credibility of the project. In-situ experiments, the quality of in-situ testing equipment is an important basis for users to increase purchase confidence.

        In short, Zhengzhou Dingli is confident from any point of view. We wholeheartedly welcome friends from home and abroad to visit our factory!

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