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    1. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
      HOME > NEWS > What are the advantages of Dingli sawdust dryer?

      What are the advantages of Dingli sawdust dryer?

      Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-19  

        Sawdust dryer is a kind of equipment for drying sawdust, wood chip, wood bran and other materials. It can dry these materials very well and make them produce the value they deserve. Many users choose sawdust dryers to dry materials for themselves create better economic benefits, so what are the advantages of wood chip dryers?

      sawdust dryer

        Compared with the single barrel dryer with the same specifications, the wood chip dryer has a thermal efficiency improvement of about 40-55%, which saves more than double the energy consumption. Due to the special structure of the multilayer sleeve tumble dryer, the length of the barrel is one third of that of the single barrel dryer, and the basic area is about 65% less than that of the single barrel dryer, and the basic investment is correspondingly reduced.

        1. It can adapt to the diversity of sawdust materials. It can adapt to the sawdust of almost all tree species. It is specially designed to remove the biological moisture inside the sawdust. It can adapt to the initial moisture of 20% -80%, and the final moisture of 2% -40%. It can adapt to the sudden change of the moisture of the raw material, always keep the constant moisture of the material. The size that can adapt to wood chips is less than 20mm in length and less than 5mm in diameter.

        2. The self-heat preservation effect of the barrel of the traditional three-channel (three-return) wood chip dryer is retained, and the energy lost through the barrel is only 3%.

        3. There are no special requirements for the natural conditions of the equipment installation site, including the average temperature and average relative humidity of the installation site, and the floor space can be saved by 15% compared to the traditional three-channel (three-return) wood chip dryer.

        4. Large production capacity, the dewatering capacity can reach 6000KG / h, the output can be selected from 1T / h-15T / h, the residual moisture of the product can be dried to less than 2%, the moisture content is very uniform, and the error of the moisture content is less than 1 %, Which is unmatched by traditional wood chip drying equipment.

        5. Simple operation, all important parameters are visualized, at a glance, do not need much operating experience. Operators only need elementary school culture, and normal beginners can learn all the operations in one day.

        6. While strengthening the thermodynamic structure of the equipment, optimize the mechanical structure, use a variety of new technologies such as self-adjusting transmission spindle, flexible control technology, multi-drive transmission torque, etc., to make the mechanical structure of the equipment more durable, more reliable, and more convenient for maintenance.

        7. When designing the equipment, fully consider the impact on the environment, the equipment has small vibration and low noise, and the gas emission is easily connected to the gas purification system.

        8. Fully consider the safety performance of the equipment, the system of jam alarm, high temperature alarm, fire advance alarm and so on is sound, and all explosion-proof and fire prevention measures are available. If you need to install a spark detection and extinguishing device, you can easily access it from the reserved interface of the device.

        9. Wood chip dryer is applicable to a wider range of industries, such as biomass pellet fuel, particle board, MDF, wood plastic, mechanism charcoal, edible fungus cultivation, etc.

        The above are the advantages of wood chip dryer. It has a high drying effect on the drying materials, and can achieve energy-saving and environmentally friendly drying. At the same time, the range of drying materials is wide, the operation is simple, and it is worth the choice of customers. Therefore, the sawdust dryer manufactured by Zhengzhou Dingli is a very good investment project.

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