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    1. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
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      Routine maintenance of rotary flash dryer

      Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-18  

        XSG type rotary flash dryer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, food and other industries for the dispersion and drying of granular, powdery, paste-like and cake-like fake agglomerated materials. It has the advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency and continuous mass production. The drying machine is equipped with a rotary cutting device. The dried materials are pulverized and refined by shearing, rotating, impacting, and rubbing. The materials are highly dispersed and achieve rapid evaporation of water. What are the daily maintenance of rotary flash dryer?

      rotary flash dryer

        1.Visual inspection of equipment

        (1) Check the exterior of the machine for damage or deformation before starting, and check that all ground wires are properly connected;

        (2) Check the air filter for foreign matter and remove it in time if there is any;

        2. Equipment connection check

        Check whether the connection of each part is loose;

        3.Check the emergency stop button operation

        (1) Before operation, check whether all emergency stop buttons are operated correctly;

        (2) After confirming that the equipment is ready for operation, press each emergency stop button in turn, then try to start the machine, and reset the emergency stop button after each test;

        (3) After starting the machine at the beginning, press the emergency brake buttons in turn to ensure that the equipment can brake properly. Reset each emergency brake button after testing.

        4. Operation check

        Start the machine and perform the following operational checks:

        (1) Check all equipment and controls for abnormalities or vibrations;

        (2) Verify that the fan starting current is not overloaded.

        For more questions about spin flash dryer, you can contact Dingli online customer service or leave a message for consultation.

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