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    1. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
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      Production process of biomass pellet production line

      Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-18  

        Biomass pellet production line can use agricultural and forestry processing wastes such as wood chips, straw, rice husks, bark and other biomass as raw materials. Through pretreatment and processing, it can be solidified into high-density particulate fuels. It is an ideal fuel to replace kerosene. It can save energy and reduce emissions, and has good economic and social benefits. It is an efficient and clean renewable energy. Next, I will specifically analyze the process flow of the biomass particle production line:

      biomass pellet production line

        1. Chip cutting process: Choose wood chipper according to output and log diameter. There are drum wood chipper and disc wood chipper. This section mainly cuts logs from trees within 500mm in diameter into small chips within 50mm to reduce the crushing power and difficulty in the fine powder stage.

        2. Crushing process: The wood chips are pulverized by a multifunctional pulverizer. The latest secondary dust removal method effectively reduces dust emissions. This section mainly crushes small wood chips into wood chips within 8mm for the processing of pellet machines.

        3. Drying process: Calculate the amount of evaporation based on the feed moisture provided by the customer and the moisture required to produce the pellets, so as to select the diameter and length of the drum and the model of the hot air stove. Commonly used dryers include three-cylinder dryers, single-cylinder dryers, and air-flow dryers. Among them, the drum dryer is recognized by our customers as the most common and most cost-effective dryer. In this section, the wood chips with a moisture content of 20-60% are dried to 12-18%, so that the next step of granulation is carried out.

        4. Granulation process: The wood chips are processed into granules with a diameter of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The wood pellet machine is the core part of the entire production line. Before granulation, iron blocks and stones need to be sorted out to prevent damage to the ring mold and pressure roller of the pellet machine, thereby extending the service life of the vulnerable parts of the pellet machine. The press rollers are made of wear-resistant alloy material, The working life of wearing parts is several times of similar products. Transmission structure can realize the automatic filtering process of grease. 

        5. Cooling section: After the granules are produced, the temperature is between 70-90 degrees, and it is necessary to cool down before packaging. The granules that are directly packed will break. This section adopts counter-flow air cooling, which has the advantages of good dust removal effect and short cooling time.

        6. Packing stage: The pressed finished granules can be packed by automatic packing machine or manual packing machine, generally using bags and tons. This section is packed according to customer requirements. The automatic packaging machine used by the company has a large amount of packaging and less manual occupation, which will greatly reduce packaging costs.

        Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional manufacturer of biomass pellet production line, we also help optimize the drying and pelleting process according to the property of different biomass materials, production scale, application requirements, cost control, automation level and site condition. Welcome to consult us!

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