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      HOME > NEWS > What is the relationship between the drying area and drying time of cassava residue dryer?

      What is the relationship between the drying area and drying time of cassava residue dryer?

      Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-15  

        During the working process of cassava dregs dryer, the purpose of drying is achieved by air flow. Therefore, in the design and production process of the entire equipment, the air flow of the equipment must be considered in all aspects. Allow the internal airflow to be sufficiently dispersed, so that the material can fully contact the air, which is the so-called drying area. Only when the drying area increases, the drying time will be reduced. The reason why some equipments on the market have high drying speeds and some have low drying speeds is actually the difference in this respect.

        In addition to the above, the airflow operation of the cassava residue dryer also needs to be relatively simple. There are also some manufacturers in the equipment production that have high requirements for the airflow operation, adding more components, and It also makes the airflow very complicated in operation, but the final drying effect is not very good, and the relatively complicated airflow operation will also increase the equipment repair and maintenance costs, so this is required in the design aspects to consider.

        Of course, during the working process of the cassava residue dryer, materials will enter at any time, and the materials will disturb the airflow, so it will also affect the stability of the airflow operation. It needs to be comprehensively considered in the design. One is to increase the speed of airflow operation, and at the same time, it needs to be improved in other aspects. When a large amount of material enters, it will not affect the airflow. This aspect meets the requirements to have a better working effect in use.

        Now in the industry, many manufacturers are producing new forms of dryers, naturally they need to be designed, and in the design, it is necessary to consider its airflow operation. Some cassava residue dryer manufacturers the airflow design is relatively mature, and it will naturally be improved in subsequent work. However, some manufacturers have put the focus of design on other aspects, and the operation of the internal airflow has not been considered. One of these products is in use. There is loss of stability, and at the same time there will be no better drying efficiency.

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