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      HOME > NEWS > Can a used sawdust dryer be used?

      Can a used sawdust dryer be used?

      Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-01-19  

        If you want to know if a used sawdust dryer can be used, you need to understand the structure of the sawdust dryer, the main configuration, the wearing parts, the working principle of the sawdust dryer, the method of use, and the drying performance. When you ca n’t purchase a new dryer because of limited funds, and consider a second-hand dryer, you can choose a better sawdust dryer without affecting your use through your knowledge reserve.

      sawdust dryer

        The sawdust dryer is mainly composed of heat source, feeding machine, casing (body), movement (heat conducting tube), heat recovery tube, hot gas exhaust tube, fan, motor, reducer, heat source furnace, power distribution cabinet, etc. The working principle of this equipment is to adopt a new type of drying structure to make the material fully dry in the rotating drum. When the material is fully dispersed again before entering the conveying pipe, the water will evaporate faster. The impurities are blocked, thereby ensuring the quality of sawdust in the material conveying pipe. The material enters the dryer by the action of the blowing pipe and the rotating cylinder. The material is fully boiled in the cylinder to make it fully contact the material and complete the drying!

        From the perspective of the structure of the whole machine, there are no parts that will often be damaged, and other vulnerable parts are also parts that can be easily replaced or purchased, such as magnetic coils. Therefore, in summary, as long as the machine can operate normally, even the second-hand dryer can dry the material, and the performance will not be greatly affected.

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